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Posted by: F0C7
At: Dec 27, 2018 22:48
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I'm am English major who genuinely wants to learn programming . I really want to learn action script and tcl. I wish for good resources please . Please please thank you


Posted by: F0C7
At: Dec 27, 2018 23:14
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i use to have dreams but is too late for me now. im sad. anyone else identify? why does that one man spamming here think anyone care?

Posted by: 69A2
At: Dec 27, 2018 23:52
ID: 506

i think he just wants him to fix it

Posted by: 69A2
At: Dec 27, 2018 23:55
ID: 540

dont let your dreams die, its never too late.

things are going to get better, anon, be strong

Posted by: 6009
At: Dec 28, 2018 02:41
ID: 900

This nigga again

Posted by: 3F8D
At: Dec 28, 2018 02:44
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why in god's name would you want to learn actionscript?

Posted by: 312A
At: Dec 28, 2018 03:23
ID: 912


That's an odd choice of languages; what made you want to learn Actionscript and Tcl?

Posted by: BC9A
At: Dec 28, 2018 04:24
ID: 922


Posted by: 2C62
At: Mar 25, 2019 03:03
ID: 1203

you can start by killing yourself

Posted by: 318C
At: Apr 18, 2019 11:51
ID: 1382

Tell me what this is
<svg viewBox="-50,-30,100,60" style="background-color:#d00"> <circle fill="#fff"r="22.5"/> <path stroke-width="6"stroke= "#000"fill="none"d="M-12,-15 V0H12V15 M-15,12H0V-12H15" transform="rotate(45)"/></svg>

Posted by: EAE4
At: Apr 20, 2019 18:49
ID: 1397

Now, that's some good taste. Easy to extend with C, too.

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