Self-improvement thread
Posted by: A7EA
At: Apr 15, 2019 22:59
ID: 1372

I figure we could use a self-improvement thread.
Discuss ways in which you are bettering yourself, or plan on bettering yourself. I bet a lot of other futanons could find inspiration from this kind of thing.

I'm personally working on keeping better track of how I spend time in a day, in addition to making sure I get a reasonable amount of sleep each night. Also more generally, I've been keeping a kind of diary where I list everything I did in the day that was an improvement, things/behaviors I need to change, and things I need to keep a look out for over the next day. I find having explicit goals to work towards helps provide a lot more motivation.

Posted by: 14F0
At: Apr 16, 2019 09:41
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Posted by: 092D
At: Apr 16, 2019 18:46
ID: 1374

nofap is stupid, no porn is where its at.

Posted by: 4C2F
At: Apr 16, 2019 20:46
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Posted by: 13A9
At: Apr 19, 2019 11:13
ID: 1389

does h*ntai count as pr0n ?

Posted by: FFB5
At: Apr 22, 2019 23:54
ID: 1402

>>1372 I have set up a todo list setup that tracks how many days in a row I can consecutively complete tasks. Using that to build good habits and working off to the side to smash bad ones. It has overall been a fun experience, and if you are the kind that like to keep up with streaks and stuff, having a todo list that does the same makes it that much easier to keep it up.

Posted by: FFB5
At: Apr 22, 2019 23:54
ID: 1403

>>1374 porn leads to fap. Gotta cut fap off from the source in order to truly succeed.

Posted by: 092D
At: Apr 23, 2019 23:09
ID: 1404

it does
If you can't fap without porn you have a problem. Use your imagination, if you can't do that then one semi-erotic image is better than watching 100 videos and edging for an hour.

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