Theme support!
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Posted by: E33E Admin
At: Apr 11, 2019 04:53
ID: 1359

Theme support is up and running on the site! Pick from the old stock Bootstrap theme, the new default theme harajuku based on Fuu-chan's color palette, and wildride - a port of the CSS posted at >>1214. Please leave feedback about the new themes if you have any - theme support is very new and it's possible some things might look weird/unstyled.

Posted by: E245
At: Apr 11, 2019 14:49
ID: 1360

I really really love harajuku theme its really nice

Posted by: F72E
At: Apr 11, 2019 17:48
ID: 1361

The harajuku theme is pretty comfy.

Posted by: 4404
At: Apr 11, 2019 18:58
ID: 1362

suuuugooooiiiiii i really like the new default theme
yellow and blue are my favorite colors

Posted by: 2E65
At: Apr 12, 2019 11:31
ID: 1363

>>1359 Great work futamoot! The themes have made the site much more usable. My favourite is wildride but I think it needs some more work as some fonts are white on a white background. I will use harajuku for now.

Posted by: 4DDC
At: Apr 13, 2019 02:39
ID: 1364

Nice, but come on, admin, you need to test more. I would also like a dark theme with a font that isn't monospace.

Posted by: E33E Admin
At: Apr 13, 2019 19:38
ID: 1365

I appreciate the love for harajuku!
My mistake, I sort of just assumed things would work since the futanon who wrote the theme didn't report any issues with it. I'll look into fixing it immediately.

I would also like a dark theme with a font that isn't monospace.

It's pretty easy to make themes now, so I'll look into cranking out another dark theme soon.

Posted by: 2F8C
At: Apr 14, 2019 14:11
ID: 1366

New default theme looks great!

Posted by: 7049
At: Apr 14, 2019 19:47
ID: 1367

Just need the equivalent of "Tomorrow" theme, and basically this is perfect>>1359

Posted by: 1BCE
At: Apr 15, 2019 11:23
ID: 1369

tomorrow is overrated

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