My project for weaboos
Tags: art anime mascot unity
Posted by: 62C1
At: Apr 10, 2019 05:35
ID: 1355

Currently working on a project to make a personalized desktop.
Still in the preliminary stages but figured i'd share it to see whos interested.


Posted by: 4866
At: Apr 10, 2019 18:54
ID: 1357

No Facebook, please! I think this belongs in /code/. Can you move threads yet, admin?

Posted by: 9729 Admin
At: Apr 10, 2019 22:07
ID: 1358

>>1357 Not yet, but I've been meaning to add it. Hopefully this week. Famous last words, I know.

Posted by: F46E
At: Apr 19, 2019 14:44
ID: 1391

i'm interested, is there a github ?

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