How do you guys lead off your narratives?
Posted by: A38F
At: Mar 29, 2019 05:17
ID: 1323

I can't help it but struggle with starting up a story. What do you anons do to get past the first hurdle?
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Posted by: 2E51
At: Mar 29, 2019 08:29
ID: 1325

Step 1. Get idea.
Step 2. Write idea down.
Step 3. Write the plot.
Step 4. Write one of the main scenes.
Step 5. Repeat writing scenes until finished.
Step 6. Scrap and start over.

Posted by: A38F
At: Mar 29, 2019 17:41
ID: 1330

Sounds painful as all hell, but I guess that's better than sitting on my ass.

Posted by: F09B
At: Mar 30, 2019 10:27
ID: 1336

This is the only way good luck!

Posted by: B99D
At: Apr 01, 2019 00:06
ID: 1340

I like to start out with a question or a couple questions that then form the theme that I explore throughout my story. It serves as a sort of frame to hang everything else off of, and also helps me from getting too distracted with stuff that merely sounded cool or one-note characters.
Once I got a theme in mind I usually brainstorm a setting and maybe a few characters - with a theme in mind a few ideas are usually obvious, and even if they aren't ones I end up going with, they're a good jumping-off point. I'm a little bit backwards in that only at this point do I start really covering what happens to these characters in the setting, i.e, the plot.

The plot is a sort of push-and-pull compromise between how I think the characters would interact among each other, an exploration of the original theme - in a perfect world all character interactions would be an exploration of the theme in some way, but this isn't always the case - and setpieces that I think would make for fun/interesting events. I usually flesh out the beginning and end simultaneously, the ending representing a sort of "answer" for the question posted by the theme of the story that is gradually arrived at, and then write in a beginning-to-end fashion, maybe pausing here and there to record stuff I think should happen later on.

I don't adhere 100% to this plan; sometimes I'll write a couple setpieces that I then hang a theme and other characters around, but this is a good representation of what I usually end up doing.

Posted by: 5948
At: Apr 03, 2019 04:40
ID: 1345

I let it brew in my head for months, tell myself it's dumb, and then write it down a frenzied spree for several hours before realizing I was right all along

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