Anonymous messageboard development
Posted by: 5F01
At: Mar 24, 2019 17:38
ID: 1177

Talk about making imageboards, textboards and other anonymous messageboards. Share your ideas. Discussion technical and non-technical problems and their solutions. Post your board and receive feedback. (Remember to be constructive!) It seems like an obvious thread to have here.

Posted by: 5F01
At: Mar 24, 2019 17:40
ID: 1178


Posted by: 54D0
At: Mar 24, 2019 17:46
ID: 1179

I feel like Fredrick Brennan's recent essay on peer-to-peer imageboards might be something other futanons in this thread would want to have a look at. It's a very interesting problem, at the least.

Posted by: 494D
At: Mar 24, 2019 18:23
ID: 1183

I run a meguca + nginx and it just (sort of) works. I messed the database up pretty bad somehow and now captchas won't load and you can't post if there's gzip on. I'm too embarrassed to submit and issue on it though

Posted by: 52B3
At: Mar 24, 2019 19:21
ID: 1186

Make a separate GitHub account.

Posted by: 494D
At: Mar 24, 2019 20:33
ID: 1187

It's not a big deal, and both issues are already on the github and were both fixed by having a proper database.

Posted by: E4BE
At: Apr 17, 2019 01:25
ID: 1376

How much experience would it require as a programmer to make your own imageboard or textboard?

Posted by: 8E8E
At: Apr 17, 2019 02:21
ID: 1377

Depends on how fancy you want to make it. Imageboards are just basic CRUD applications at their core, you could probably make one if you already have web development know-how in an evening or two. Even without having done webdev before, the basic concepts aren't hard if you're already familiar with programming.
Making it properly secure/adding novel features is another thing entirely, but again, imageboard basics are super-simple.

Posted by: 7098
At: Apr 19, 2019 03:56
ID: 1386

Any recommendations for getting started writing and deploying a message board?
I have a project I am planning on working on for a distributed systems class and I want to use a message board as a use case for exploring some distribution problems on the back end.

Posted by: 2159
At: May 08, 2019 03:11
ID: 1418

Has your script got updates, auto scroll, quick full-text search, catalog with its own sort and search, single/multiple delete/report, dedicated moderation interface, static page editor, watchlist, notifications, themes and customization, thread/post/image hiding, clipboard upload, drag and drop, news, image inline expansion and lightbox, tree view, oekaki, media embeds with optimization to not load hundreds of iframes at once, markup, length limit and cut expansion that doesn't interfere with said markup, sticky threads, various spam and cooldown filters, video thumbnails, source search, DNSBL check, archive, banners, stats and maybe other stuff I'm currently not thinking of?

Posted by: 5F01
At: May 08, 2019 16:34
ID: 1419
Posted by: 5F01
At: May 08, 2019 16:34
ID: 1420

That was supposed to be a list.

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