Happy New Year's!
Posted by: 9045
At: Jan 01, 2019 01:42
ID: 1005
>>1010 >>1013

Whether it hasn't happened yet or happened hours ago, I hope you have a good one, anon! Hopefully it will be the first of many we celebrate here together on our comfy new chan.

Any resolutions in mind for 2019? Or goals from 2018 you met that you'd like to share?

Posted by: DD80
At: Jan 01, 2019 08:26
ID: 1010

other than not killing myself and not dropping out i think i will try to be more productive>>1005

Posted by: 3B23
At: Jan 02, 2019 04:32
ID: 1013

i was planning on wasting my brainpower less on stupid shit but i just spent 10 hours on factorio so there goes that i guess

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