reCAPTCHAv3 is now enabled
Posted by: 1EB0 Admin
At: Dec 28, 2018 03:19
ID: 910

Please let me know on IRC if you have trouble posting now.

Posted by: 1EB0 Admin
At: Dec 28, 2018 03:22
ID: 911

As a quick reminder, the IRC channel is #maniwani on

Posted by: C139 Admin
At: Dec 31, 2018 13:46
ID: 997

The reCAPTCHA threshold has been lowered, so if you were having trouble getting past it, try again. In the future I might implement some alternative for people who reCAPTCHA just can't help but label bots. If you're still having trouble (an extremely small percentage of you should be, if any at all), come on IRC and I'll help you work out what's going on.

Posted by: 5FB4
At: Dec 31, 2018 14:31
ID: 998


Posted by: 0007
At: Jan 06, 2019 00:57
ID: 1022

I have a hard time posting because reCAPTCHA says the threshold is too low. Admin, please get rid of this Google bullshit. Maybe make a custom captcha, like KittenAuth but with Sabers or something.

Posted by: 82F2 Admin
At: Jan 06, 2019 03:35
ID: 1023


Had me at "but with Sabers," anon. I'll hack up SaberAuth on Tuesday or so, maybe Wednesday. I think meguca has something similar with captchouli, which I thought about using for a split second, though it'll honestly probably be easier to write something from scratch than integrate a non-Python/Docker tool into Maniwani. Truth be told I'm also a little wary of captchouli's approach of grabbing random booru pics with a certain tag without any kind of vetting on the side of the site admin, as far as I can tell. I'd rather go with making up a CAPTCHA from a predefined set of known good Saber images or something. Still a very nice project, all things considered; bakape does good work and captchouli is no exception.

Soon as I rectify a couple other issues CAPTCHAs should be gone altogether outside of the slip registration form however, though you'll need to sign up for a slip when that happens. I still plan on not requiring any form of email verification when that happens, so slip sign-up should take all of 5 seconds.

Posted by: 6024
At: Jan 28, 2019 19:11
ID: 1032


supporting the google botnet

Futamoot, please stop.

Posted by: 27B9 Admin
At: Jan 29, 2019 10:23
ID: 1033

Sorry anon, reCAPTCHA has always been a stopgap solution, and I have half a mind to disable it even before writing my own CAPTCHA, though with college back in full swing I can't monitor the site like a hawk the way I could over winter break, so spam could get out of hand very easily.
I've been hard at work writing some backend stuff necessary for a custom Javascript-less CAPTCHA and live thread/board updates though, namely a custom keystore/pubsub server and client for when redis is unavailable - so neither custom CAPTCHAs nor live updates will be lost when running Maniwani inside a single Docker container (contributors and others strapped for resources should love this). All this is to say the site should be botnet free by the end of this week. For real this time.

Posted by: 0007
At: Feb 12, 2019 00:37
ID: 1041

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