Posted by: 5364
At: Dec 27, 2018 22:01
ID: 132

I am glad that you've added /fate/, FM. But a wise anon once said that only boards with a gimmick really take off. 4chan swallows up everything else. One example of a gimmick is real-time posting. What is your gimmick going to be? I don't think /fate/ by itself is going to be enough. Don't say "original content", because a gimmick is how you attract people who create original content in the first place.

Posted by: A5E7
At: Dec 27, 2018 22:23
ID: 140


Features to more easily share the stuff you've done with others I think are going to be what separates Maniwani, so things like attaching code/text in /code/ (which you can do right now) and at some point in the near future attaching and viewing documents (Latex/PDF/odt) for /write/ and 3D models (.obj/blend/.collada) in the browser for /draw/. Imagine being an anon who does 3D modeling, and you have something you'd like to show off. On most imageboards you're restricted to basic renders or linking to external viewers, but here you could put the model itself directly up for download and let others view it in full 3D from within their browser. Or a similar use case for writing. I think /3/ and /lit/ would be forced to take note.

Also the governance model as I've talked about before. Having the oldest users run the site plus the enforced lurk period thing will lead to much better discussions, I believe.

Posted by: A06A
At: Dec 27, 2018 22:35
ID: 150

you can make your gimmick a theme. like lainchan they have a bunch of DUMB STUPID larp stuff. you can make every word filter to something else

Posted by: A5E7
At: Dec 27, 2018 22:47
ID: 192


Lain's word filter is a little silly but I think the actual quality of their discussions is fairly admirable. They run a tight ship though; there was (well, is) a thread on there about the state of the internet and internet forums and someone linked to an archive of this thread, so naturally I swoop in and wrote some thoughts (at least 4 good paragraph's worth) and linked to Maniwani's Github repo at the end. I think my post got removed, presumably for advertising, within about 10 hours.

Maybe a little too excessive, but I understand where they're coming from. When all you have is secrecy to keep your place high-quality it's important to have hard and strict filters.

Posted by: B0DF
At: Dec 27, 2018 23:30
ID: 319

i think the markdown thing and the design are nice features, but not quite enough to attract users, the enforced lurk thing sounds nice on paper but i think it would turn users away

Posted by: 2BA6
At: Dec 27, 2018 23:30
ID: 320


What is every thread was a git repo and every post a submodule?

Posted by: A5E7
At: Dec 28, 2018 03:31
ID: 915


That'd be cool from a technical perspective, but what does it practically offer?

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