Futatsu.org - grand opening!
Posted by: BEA4 Admin
At: Dec 23, 2018 03:13
ID: 1

Be sure to check the rules before posting - rules are a bit different for each board!

Markdown is enabled on posting, with a couple extra extensions (>>[post id]) turns into a link to a post (even across boards/threads), and spoiler text turns the text inside into a spoiler.

If you want to contribute to the codebase, you can do so over at https://github.com/DangerOnTheRanger/maniwani. Have a good time, anon!

Posted by: BEA4 Admin
At: Dec 23, 2018 03:58
ID: 2


Whoops, guess the Markdown poster can't handle not escaping stuff formatting inside code blocks. Leaving that up for now.

Posted by: BF1E
At: Dec 26, 2018 19:28
ID: 7



Posted by: 0351
At: Dec 27, 2018 12:47
ID: 56

>>I wish you much success on launching a new imageboard. Here's hoping you hard effort in designing something modern and stylish is accepted by the masses.

Posted by: 3061
At: Dec 27, 2018 14:03
ID: 58

>>56 Thanks friend. Futatsu/Maniwani has a lot of rough edges, but I hope everyone can see the potential present in it! Please wait warmly while I work out the kinks!

Posted by: FC3D
At: Dec 27, 2018 15:48
ID: 76

Having "new post" and "new thread" buttons hidden in a weird collapsed menu at the top on mobile is really unergonmic and poor design. Pls fix.

Posted by: 3061
At: Dec 27, 2018 15:59
ID: 79


The mobile UI is kind of a second-class citizen still, unfortunately. I'll clean up the mobile menu soon, anon. Have a Rei in the meantime.

Posted by: AA32
At: Dec 27, 2018 16:20
ID: 82

nice image board you got here faggot it would be sad if something happened to it

Posted by: F6ED
At: Dec 27, 2018 18:42
ID: 106

The mobile UI seems fine. A lot of phones are basically pocket PC's now. Lineage OS is linux, and it even has a file picker with thumbnails.

Posted by: F6ED
At: Dec 27, 2018 18:43
ID: 108

emoji check 123

Posted by: 3061
At: Dec 27, 2018 18:49
ID: 110


There's a couple things some anons have pointed out that I definitely want to fix, like misaligned thread stats on mobile. I think having the menu come from the side is also worth looking into. I don't think the mobile interface is bad, but I'd be lying if I said I paid it as much attention as the desktop front-end.


Full UTF support is nice, isn't it?

Posted by: 328E
At: Dec 27, 2018 19:55
ID: 118




test of


Posted by: B34E
At: Dec 27, 2018 20:06
ID: 124

meta? more like METAL

Posted by: 3061
At: Dec 27, 2018 20:24
ID: 129


I guess Futatsu has its first deleted thread now. I gotta hand it to that anon though, I apparently broke thread deletion (or more specifically, deleting attachments from an S3 bucket) a while ago and I didn't realize until I tried just now and had to put together a fix.

Posted by: ACD1
At: Dec 27, 2018 23:39
ID: 374





Posted by: ACD1
At: Dec 27, 2018 23:40
ID: 380

thanks for enabling markdown, i really like it

Posted by: 328E
At: Dec 28, 2018 10:09
ID: 944

You should display the post number in the post's header. It is harder than necessary to follow a thread when there are no post numbers.

Posted by: 3061
At: Dec 28, 2018 13:30
ID: 955

>>380 Yeah, I think it adds a nice touch.

>>944 Yeah, you're right. I'll make that change hopefully within a day or so.

Posted by: 09EB
At: Dec 28, 2018 16:11
ID: 958

im testing this, the "new post" button is placed weirdly.

Posted by: C2B8
At: Dec 28, 2018 16:42
ID: 959

>>958 Where do you think it should be placed?

Posted by: 3061
At: Dec 28, 2018 18:31
ID: 961

Catalog links show the board you're on, and thread previews on the front page now display which board they're from.

Posted by: 5F1A
At: Dec 29, 2018 01:49
ID: 968

explain thus futamoot

Posted by: 3061
At: Dec 29, 2018 02:15
ID: 969

>>968 Go read >>951.

Posted by: 5F1A
At: Dec 29, 2018 02:51
ID: 970

>>969 thanks for the clearification i hope the best for the site

Posted by: 3061
At: Dec 29, 2018 03:10
ID: 971

>>970 Thanks anon, appreciate the words of support!

Posted by: 09EB
At: Dec 31, 2018 00:05
ID: 992

i just think its a bit irritating to have to move the mouse all the way to the top to make a post, but it doesnt really matter with replies so its fine i guess. looking forward to seeing where this site goes>

Posted by: C2B8
At: Dec 31, 2018 01:27
ID: 995


I could kind of see how it would be annoying, I'm just not sure where else a new post button would be placed. I could sticky it along the bottom, but I'm not sure how that would be better.

Posted by: D6C1
At: Dec 31, 2018 05:48
ID: 996


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