What's an imageboard?

An imageboard is kind of like a forum.

But a bit more image-focused, and temporary in nature. You post images you like to spark discussion and get others to post similar images. Also, unlike a forum, threads don't last indefinitely. Old threads that have either been around for a certain period of time, or that nobody is posting in any longer, get removed to make way for new threads. This helps keep discussion focused on new and relevant things and prevent the site from getting tunnel vision on any particular topic. If you don't see anyone discussing a topic you'd like to see talked about, just make a thread!

You might also be wondering why everyone is anonymous, especially if you're used to some of the larger social media networks out there. There's a pretty good reason for this, actually: The content of each post should be more important than the identity of whoever posted it. With everyone being anonymous, a lot of harmful by-products of usernames on other sites are no longer possible:

You can still tell who is who on a per-thread basis by checking the "Posted by:" field - this is to prevent a single person from making intentionally weak arguments on a side they disagree with (a practice known as false-flagging) and for certain threads where the identity of a certain poster is important - if someone is relaying a live event, for example.

Why Maniwani? There's other imageboards out there.

Maniwani's just better.

But seriously, Maniwani has had a lot of thought and effort put into its design, especially on the visual side of things. If you're new to the concept of imageboards, you'll probably find Maniwani easier to get the hang of compared to the competition. It also makes sure not to leave mobile users out in the cold - the site was written from the ground up such that mobile users wouldn't need to use a 3rd-party client just to have an enjoyable experience on their phones and tablets!

For the techies, Maniwani also includes a full REST API capable of doing anything the web frontend can do, in addition to gracefully downgrading if Javascript has been disabled.

What topics can I talk about here?


Go look at the board listing to get an idea of the sort of things you can talk about.

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