Self-improvement thread

I figure we could use a self-improvement thread.
Discuss ways in which you are bettering yourself, or plan on bettering yourself. I bet a...

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Futatsu's first /comfy/ thread

ITT: we post comfy images and tell comfy stories!

12 12 is shutting down March 31st

What are you going to use now?

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Numbers Have An End -Mohamed Ababou-

Mohamed Ababou
Amateur writer of short stories and very short
stories and plays.
An amateur of...

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how do u get a fucking cute boyfriend??'

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Happy New Year's!

Whether it hasn't happened yet or happened hours ago, I hope you have a good one, anon! Hopefully it will be the first of many we celebrate...

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Touhou thread
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Who really did 9/11?


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Merry Kwanzaa everynyan, any exciting plans or purchases?

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