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Real rape of European women 16 - 45 years.

Files taken from a sealed source.

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Dr. Draw — A thread for improving your art skills

It's high time we all learned how to be the change we want to see in the world. COVID won't go away anytime soon, so might as well make the most of it.

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Video Assignment 2

this my second upload to elearning

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japs get BTFO


According to the AP, Kyoto police said the fire broke out after a man burst into the building screaming "You die!" before spreading unidentified liquid that then ignited.

So fire was intentional. I wonder if the hero was cartoon nigger or guy embarrassed about his "culture". Either way effect is wonderful. If one autist can pwn 30 people then imagine autist army destroying 2d industry. Can't wait.

Maybe this will be the signal for producers to stop producing degeneracy. Kyoto was by no means "pure" studio.

'''Anime fans share favourite Kyoto Animation work following arson attack that left dozens feared dead'''

People are dying and cartoon niggers talk about cartoons. How low can one go? It's disrespectul. People die in fire and weebs watch K-ON!. You have no shame even when death is discussed.

Nanking, Burma Railway, Comfort Women, Unit 731, never forget you asiatic kikes.

==Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it==


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To celebrate collab with admin

Going to start a new project with admin.
Other character is my OC from my own project, if you could check it out i would appreciate it. v1.30 will be released soon
Video for v1.20:

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daily futatsu draw thread

Draw futatsu-chan.

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learn 2 draw

i want to learn how to draw. i have no desirable goal in mind except to just improve. i know literally nothing about drawing, but my friend just gave me a hand me down wacom tablet to mess around with. what are some beginner techniques i can employ to improve myself? Should I focus on just drawing single body parts until i'm comfortable with them in different perspectives and forms then move on, or should i focus on trying to draw a whole person at once? any help is appreciated. pic not related

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Pool is closed.

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Should I do 3D or 2D? I've been debating this for the past few months

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This is my filly

Say something nice about her

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Draw Terry

Just do it

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Loonix channel

Anyone wanna make 3D animated Linux informational videos with me?

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First poast


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Do you like them?

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Photo ok?

Do snapps go here or elsewhere?

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rate my drawin

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