To celebrate collab with admin

Going to start a new project with admin.
Other character is my OC from my own project, if you could check it out i would appreciate it....

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daily futatsu draw thread

Draw futatsu-chan.

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learn 2 draw

i want to learn how to draw. i have no desirable goal in mind except to just improve. i know literally nothing about drawing, but my friend...

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No subject

Pool is closed.

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No subject

Should I do 3D or 2D? I've been debating this for the past few months

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This is my filly

Say something nice about her

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Draw Terry

Just do it

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Loonix channel

Anyone wanna make 3D animated Linux informational videos with me?

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First poast


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Do you like them?

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Photo ok?

Do snapps go here or elsewhere?

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rate my drawin

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