Hydrus Thread

Any ideas on how to improve Hydrus so that it can replace all other pieces of file hoarding software?
It has IPFS built-in so IDK if this...

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My project for weaboos

Currently working on a project to make a personalized desktop.
Still in the preliminary stages but figured i'd share it to see whos...

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Anonymous messageboard development

Talk about making imageboards, textboards and other anonymous messageboards. Share your ideas. Discussion technical and non-technical problems...

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learning program

I'm am English major who genuinely wants to learn programming . I really want to learn action script and tcl. I wish for good...

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Programming Music?

What do you listen to while programming?
Pic related is my favourite

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Book Recommendations

Recommend some CS and programming books you've read.

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Forth thread

For anyone here who uses forth, what do you think of it? Any reasons or advantages to use it? Any noteworthy software made in forth?

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Give me the bogpill on Fortran.
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No subject

Is there a comfier language than pic related?

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Programming is gay.

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What unpopular programming languages to you like?
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