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Futatsu is an imageboard intended to promote and discuss all different kinds of self-made digital content! Come and discuss best practices for programming, drawing, and more, get feedback on your work-in-progress, or show off your latest creation. Below, you can find the most recently-updated threads on the site.

Self-improvement thread

I figure we could use a self-improvement thread.
Discuss ways in which you are bettering yourself, or plan on bettering yourself. I bet a...

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Feature suggestions

What sort of features would you like to see added? Even ones other boards may not have.

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Hydrus Thread

Any ideas on how to improve Hydrus so that it can replace all other pieces of file hoarding software?
It has IPFS built-in so IDK if this...

/code/ 4 1
learning program

I'm am English major who genuinely wants to learn programming . I really want to learn action script and tcl. I wish for good...

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Futatsu's first /comfy/ thread

ITT: we post comfy images and tell comfy stories!

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My project for weaboos

Currently working on a project to make a personalized desktop.
Still in the preliminary stages but figured i'd share it to see whos...

/code/ 3 1 is shutting down March 31st

What are you going to use now?

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Anonymous messageboard development

Talk about making imageboards, textboards and other anonymous messageboards. Share your ideas. Discussion technical and non-technical problems...

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Theme support!

Theme support is up and running on the site! Pick from the old stock Bootstrap theme, the new default theme harajuku based on...

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Programming Music?

What do you listen to while programming?
Pic related is my favourite

/code/ 9 7
To celebrate collab with admin

Going to start a new project with admin.
Other character is my OC from my own project, if you could check it out i would appreciate it....

/draw/ 2 2
Book Recommendations

Recommend some CS and programming books you've read.

/code/ 4 3
the order of the originalfags

one day, we will be considered ancient originalfags. let that sink in. now post in the thread to join the order so you can prove you were one....

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How do you guys lead off your narratives?

I can't help it but struggle with starting up a story. What do you anons do to get past the first hurdle?
pic not related

/write/ 5 1
What is the mascots name?

Is it futa-chan? futatsu-chan? These are the important questions futamoot.

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