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nobody here

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What is the mascots name?

Is it futa-chan? futatsu-chan? These are the important questions futamoot.

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reCAPTCHAv3 is now enabled

Please let me know on IRC if you have trouble posting now.

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japs get BTFO


According to the AP, Kyoto police said...

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Best girl in F/SN

Who is your favorite? Argue your position.

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Hydrus Thread

Any ideas on how to improve Hydrus so that it can replace all other pieces of file hoarding software?
It has IPFS built-in so IDK if this...

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Feature suggestions

What sort of features would you like to see added? Even ones other boards may not have.

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Greetings from Depreschan.
Come visit us, if you'd like.

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My project for weaboos

Currently working on a project to make a personalized desktop.
Still in the preliminary stages but figured i'd share it to see whos...

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Theme support!

Theme support is up and running on the site! Pick from the old stock Bootstrap theme, the new default theme harajuku based on...

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Anonymous messageboard development

Talk about making imageboards, textboards and other anonymous messageboards. Share your ideas. Discussion technical and non-technical problems...

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To celebrate collab with admin

Going to start a new project with admin.
Other character is my OC from my own project, if you could check it out i would appreciate it....

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No subject

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An internal error has occurred.

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Gigantic site update!

So many things have changed with this new push to the site, it's honestly a little difficult to figure out where to begin, but I'll do my best....

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confession bread

it's about that time again.
confess my child

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