the order of the originalfags
Posted by: 3852
At: Dec 27, 2018 22:11
ID: 137

one day, we will be considered ancient originalfags. let that sink in. now post in the thread to join the order so you can prove you were one. idk, im bored - 4451

Posted by: A410
At: Dec 27, 2018 23:10
ID: 302

i have hopes for this site, 4chan faggots want the classic 4chan look but i kind of like the design

Posted by: 4016
At: Dec 27, 2018 23:13
ID: 312

how can i give funky rhythm

Posted by: 4D62
At: Dec 27, 2018 23:14
ID: 315
Replies: >>322

While I do wish the administrator all the best, my bet is that this place will be dead within 3 months.

Posted by: EBA5
At: Dec 27, 2018 23:28
ID: 316
Replies: >>317


tfw modal replies
tfw amazon aws

Posted by: EBA5
At: Dec 27, 2018 23:28
ID: 317


tfw not parsing linebreaks

reddit spacing

Posted by: D72A Admin
At: Dec 27, 2018 23:32
ID: 322

>>302 I want a much more different look myself, but I think there's some compromise to be found.

>>315 I've been coding it for 8 months already, 3 months of administration won't be too bad with proper mod/anti-flood tools in place, I think.

Posted by: 589B
At: Dec 27, 2018 23:44
ID: 416

But you're still a faggot

Posted by: D442
At: Dec 28, 2018 00:58
ID: 866
Replies: >>867

Oldfag here. Hopefully this place isn't dead by 2020 cause with Hiro being in charge, 4chan will be dead by then and people with move here.

Posted by: D442
At: Dec 28, 2018 00:58
ID: 867


Posted by: 8347
At: Dec 28, 2018 01:27
ID: 872

inglude be in de dgreengap :DDDD

Posted by: 515C
At: Dec 28, 2018 01:36
ID: 878

that's quite optimistic

Posted by: 31C3
At: Dec 28, 2018 01:43
ID: 880

I am originalfag!

Posted by: 8347
At: Dec 28, 2018 01:47
ID: 883

the chan hasn't even started and OP is already planning his circlejerk in 10 years

Posted by: FE8C
At: Dec 28, 2018 02:22
ID: 894

fuck no, this looks hideous

I don't care about trying a different look but this is disgustingly generic and bland

plus the FAQ says this caters to phoneposters

absolutely dead on arrival

Posted by: 992B
At: Dec 28, 2018 02:55
ID: 903

Modal shit
Green text

Posted by: 992B
At: Dec 28, 2018 02:59
ID: 906
Replies: >>917

Design "is nuke it and start" over tier

Posted by: D4D1
At: Dec 28, 2018 03:43
ID: 917


Posted by: 0035
At: Dec 28, 2018 03:44
ID: 918

niggas replying to this thread saying the design is terrible like 4chans design isn't horseshit

Posted by: 992B
At: Dec 28, 2018 04:03
ID: 919
Replies: >>920 >>921

Nice job killing your board with google botnet

captcha is for goys

Posted by: C793
At: Dec 28, 2018 04:21
ID: 920
Posted by: D72A Admin
At: Dec 28, 2018 04:22
ID: 921

>>919 It's a temporary thing until I write a self-hosted anti-spam/flood solution.

Posted by: 1E9D
At: Dec 28, 2018 04:29
ID: 925

Nice Reddit Clone youve got there
change the css you retard this site looks like ass

Posted by: 0F10
At: Dec 28, 2018 04:49
ID: 927

Anyone down to play smash?

Posted by: B63D
At: Dec 28, 2018 06:03
ID: 929


Posted by: 6631
At: Dec 28, 2018 07:34
ID: 931

We out here

Posted by: A4BB
At: Dec 28, 2018 08:15
ID: 935

bullshit. I doubt this site would last more than 5 years, and I'm being generous.

Posted by: 3852
At: Dec 28, 2018 10:00
ID: 943
Replies: >>951

op here, not sure how i can prove it (???)
i did take a picture while i was making the thread but that's not important right now. what i wanted to say is mr. admin please dont keep the googol captcha shit on the site. if it's temporary, cool, if not, not cool. -4451

Posted by: D72A Admin
At: Dec 28, 2018 13:18
ID: 951

>>943 As long as you don't switch IPs, your ID in the "Posted by" field will stay the same, and you have the same 3852 ID as the OP, so we can see you're the same. And yes, reCAPTCHA is temporary to mollify people like spamanon. In the longer-term - probably early/mid-January - CAPTCHAs will get removed, but you'll need to sign up to post (no email necessary, and usernames aren't visible). This is to provide some level of accountability since all posts made by the same spamming user can easily get nuked.

Additionally, partially to prevent abuse by signing up multiple times to spam, and partially to help guide site culture, once the site gets a bit more popular there will be an enforced lurk period after registration, where you have to wait and read posts for a day or two before being able to post yourself. This will heavily punish spammers and others who are trying to just make things worse for the rest of us, and provide new anons with a way of seeing how things are done around here before posting themselves.

Again, usernames won't be visible, email won't be necessary, and the 10-second price paid upfront by registering pays for itself by keeping the site entirely CAPTCHA free.

Posted by: ADA4
At: Dec 28, 2018 17:12
ID: 960

op here again, on different device though. that actually sounds like a nice idea -- sure, it isn't as anonymous as we're used to 4chan being, but it still sounds doable. no skelly picture this time because i got a fresh new distro install -4451

Posted by: D74C
At: Dec 28, 2018 23:16
ID: 962
Replies: >>964


Implying we are going to last that long
call me a pessimist, but /pol/tards are going to invade and ruin everything, again. >>137

Posted by: DF38
At: Dec 28, 2018 23:23
ID: 963

Implying this won't die in a week or less at best, or a few months at worse.

Posted by: D72A Admin
At: Dec 28, 2018 23:59
ID: 964
Replies: >>983


Futatsu's board topics are focused/non-generic enough that politicking shouldn't ever be a legitimate issue as long as moderation is done properly, I think. Part of the danger of running an imageboard (or any site, really) with generic discussion topics is that you have to deal with situations like /pol/. It's also the negative side of the double-edged sword of "anything goes"/weak moderation; while everyone gets a chance to say their piece, you get a lot of empty low-effort comments that just add onto the circlejerk.

Futatsu's rules are also more rigid in the style of Lainchan for this reason. I'm not enforcing them really right now (outside of deleting that one guro thread) because I think that'd be suicide at this point in time, but once the place picks up a bit of steam I'll slowly take a harder stance on them.

Posted by: 2348
At: Dec 29, 2018 04:51
ID: 973

>>137 Guess I'm in.Originalfags unite.

Posted by: C7C9
At: Dec 29, 2018 19:44
ID: 978

I made the first non-admin thread so I'm THE originalfag

Posted by: 8347
At: Dec 29, 2018 19:48
ID: 980

yo faglord, why doesn't it preview replies when i hover over the post number? it's a real dealbreaker

Posted by: C128
At: Dec 29, 2018 21:22
ID: 981

Oldfag reporting in

Posted by: A1D6
At: Dec 29, 2018 21:25
ID: 982

I guess I'm an originalfag now, what a strange feeling

Posted by: A1D6
At: Dec 29, 2018 21:36
ID: 983
Replies: >>985

the post number isn't displayed on each post, this makes it very difficult to read the thread. Is there any intentional reason for this?

Posted by: D72A Admin
At: Dec 29, 2018 22:40
ID: 985
Replies: >>986

>>983 Originally it was to prevent obsession with dubs and the like, but in retrospect the disadvantages outweigh the benefits. Give me about 20 minutes and they should be visible.

Posted by: 8347
At: Dec 30, 2018 17:18
ID: 986
Replies: >>987

cool it actually changed, i assume you didn't reply to me before because i was rude so i'll ask again
do you plan on adding post preview when you hover a post number ?

Posted by: 56E3 Admin
At: Dec 30, 2018 17:48
ID: 987
Replies: >>989


Honestly meant to reply but it slipped my mind and I went to bed, sorry. Post preview is definitely planned, I just haven't implemented it yet. I'll get to it ideally before Monday.

Media contains spoiler!
Posted by: 8347
At: Dec 30, 2018 17:56
ID: 989
Replies: >>990


thanks futamoot, and no problem, i think this chan has potential

i'll bother you one last time today, could you post the IRC? i looked a bit but couldn't find it

[spoiler]also you're called futamoot now, embrace it[/spoiler]>>987

Posted by: 56E3 Admin
At: Dec 30, 2018 18:11
ID: 990
Replies: >>991


IRC is #maniwani over on Spoilers are done with spoiler text - I should mention that somewhere, sorry - the syntax is different since I thought it would be more in line with the rest of Markdown. I think I broke them on Futatsu though, I'll look into it in an hour or two.

Feels nice getting a nickname, too. I'll add something to swap the admin label with FM or Futamoot if I'm the one posting one of these days.

Posted by: 56E3 Admin
At: Dec 30, 2018 18:12
ID: 991
Replies: >>999 >>1003

>>990 Yeah, seems I broke spoilers. It's done by enclosing text with || (so one pair on the start, one pair on the end). Or would if I didn't break it, but again, I'll fix that today.

Posted by: ADA4
At: Dec 31, 2018 15:19
ID: 999
Replies: >>1003

op here yet again. registered for a slip. cool idea

Posted by: 8347
At: Dec 31, 2018 20:26
ID: 1003
Replies: >>1006


OP here

not the same ID as OP


|futa-chan|, are you gonna fix the reddit spacing issue and make greentext green soon ? this chan is giving me early-4chan vibes, i like it

Posted by: 4AF4
At: Jan 01, 2019 00:06
ID: 1004

First post from the future!
See ya

Posted by: 56E3 Admin
At: Jan 01, 2019 01:48
ID: 1006
Replies: >>1007


Yeah, I'll probably make greentext actually green within a day or two, it's not that hard to change. Should be the same syntax as we are all used to. Changing reddit spacing is a bit harder but not that hard, expect that inside 3-4 days or so.

Posted by: 111B
At: Jan 01, 2019 06:56
ID: 1007
Replies: >>1008

so what boards did you shill your imageboard on other than /g/?

Posted by: 56E3 Admin
At: Jan 01, 2019 07:44
ID: 1008
Replies: >>1009 >>1011


Nowhere else yet outside of /g/ and /wdg/. Shoutouts to whichever one of you linked to here from endchan though, that was a nice surprise. I'm a little hesitant to push too hard since most smaller chans seem pretty against advertising other places; I posted about Maniwani in a relevant thread on Lainchan before I put up Futatsu (so I just linked the Github repo) and it got deleted. Which is fair, I guess; most of them are relatively small and probably can't afford to bleed users.

Posted by: 111B
At: Jan 01, 2019 08:21
ID: 1009
Replies: >>1012

>>1008 yeah growing an imageboard is not easy good luck

Posted by: 8347
At: Jan 01, 2019 20:26
ID: 1011
Replies: >>1012

godspeed futamoot, i'll be staying since it's comfy and you're really making progress, post preview looks great

Posted by: 56E3 Admin
At: Jan 01, 2019 22:55
ID: 1012
Replies: >>1016


Thanks, really. Hopefully this place will continue to grow a bit over time, I think we got the foundation of a close-knit and high-quality community going.

Posted by: 6D39
At: Jan 02, 2019 11:10
ID: 1016

i agree

Posted by: 55B1 Admin
At: Jan 05, 2019 19:36
ID: 1021
Replies: >>1024

I'm still working on greentext and getting rid of reddit-only spacing (going to keep it in for overall Markdown compatibility but add classic imageboard <br/> spacing so anons won't have to adjust), but the place I'll be at for the weekend has wifi that refuses to play nice with my Linux partition, so I'll probably push updates Tuesday or Wednesday.

I bet I'm not the only one having the error getting reCAPTCHA message either, I'll work on that at some point as well.

Posted by: 8773 Admin
At: Jan 13, 2019 03:43
ID: 1024

Alright, sorry for getting this up several days later than expected, but greentext/quoting and classic non-Reddit/Markdown spacing work properly now. I also swapped out the HTML sanitizer for a much better one, so you should be able to do things such as embed HTML/XML/SGML/what have you inside code blocks and stuff properly now.
As you might have noticed, the greentext and Futaba spacing apply retroactively to all posts already made, too. As an aside, I promised I'd remove reCAPTCHA and put in a different solution (at least until I require registration for posting), but that's not done yet. Should be good in a couple of days, though.

Posted by: FC32
At: Feb 22, 2019 18:25
ID: 1052
Replies: >>1054

The instant you implement enforced registration for posting is the instant I stop using this site. Forsaking anonymity for convenience shows me just what kind of admin you are.

I, and I'm sure many others, use tor to access this site. This will essentially end all tor posting, which some may see as a good thing in order to reduce spam, but is a non-problem when captchas are in use.

Posted by: 13BC
At: Feb 22, 2019 18:29
ID: 1053
Replies: >>1054

With the awful use of JavaScript, as well as future ambitions to implement profiles, I am sadly all out of hope for this site. It seems it will be just another dead corner of the internet filled with normal-cattle.

Posted by: 4A8F Admin
At: Feb 23, 2019 03:55
ID: 1054

(Looks like you double-posted, hence I'm replying like this.) Forced registration is a tradeoff I decided to make that will make moderation significantly easier, with the only drawback being that Tor users are no longer anonymized with respect to the imageboard admin; there's still no way to see who is who outside thread-specific IDs if you're not a site admin.
For such a minor downside (I understand anonymizing yourself against other users, but the site admin?), things such as IP bans/IP ban appeals become a thing of the past, and the site is opened up to the possibility of moderator elections, among other advantages. Cost/benefit-wise, I think it checks out. I'll always keep the functionality to post without an account in Maniwani itself, so you're totally free to run another instance if you're so inclined.

Regarding Javascript, the only thing you need it for is reCAPTCHA, which should be gone by next Saturday/Sunday. Unless you're that one guy who wanted a JS-less mobile frontend your post reads a lot like something he'd write.

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