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Programming is gay.

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This is my filly

Say something nice about her

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heading 2

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reCAPTCHAv3 is now enabled

Please let me know on IRC if you have trouble posting now.

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let's see if you guys know what to do

I'll just leave this here

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Reviews of other board

What other image and text boards do you visit? Post a short review if you would like to invite the Futatsu hoards there.

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Feature suggestions

What sort of features would you like to see added? Even ones other boards may not have.

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Saber thread

Post your Saber collection!

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What unpopular programming languages to you like?
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Admin explain how encryption works on this site ; how did you implement your idea of anonymity

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the order of the originalfags

one day, we will be considered ancient originalfags. let that sink in. now post in the thread to join the order so you can prove you were one. idk, im bored - 4451

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Draw Terry

Just do it

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Happy New Year's!

Whether it hasn't happened yet or happened hours ago, I hope you have a good one, anon! Hopefully it will be the first of many we celebrate here together on our comfy new chan.

Any resolutions in mind for 2019? Or goals from 2018 you met...

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Ol'St. Nick

Up on the roof top click, click, click.
Rolling off the roof is what used to be Saint Nick.
He gave away lots of toys to quiet all the sodomized little boys.
Ho ho ho, I bet you didn't know.
Up on the roof top click, click,...

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Futatsu.org - grand opening!

Be sure to check the rules before posting - rules are a bit different for each board!

Markdown is enabled on posting, with a couple extra extensions (>>[post id]) turns into a link to a post (even across boards/threads),...

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